What You Should Never Ask A Hotel Employee

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Going about on business tours, or a family vacation or even travelling solo, has got you staying at some hotel or the other. And choosing the right hotel is essential to make sure you get your money’s worth. However, once you do choose the ideal place to stay in, there are certain things you shouldn’t be asking their employees. Here are some of them.

Can I order something that is not in the menu?

Even if it is a fancy hotel owned by Crowne Plaza Manchester don’t ever make the mistake of questioning them on the option of ordering something that is not in the menu. This is certainly not for their inconvenience but also for yours as well. When the employees are directed to cook something that is not in the menu, sometimes the chances are that they would not have the right ingredients or the proper know how to make whatever you ordered. So think of it as your benefit and skip out on this and instead pick something from the menu to enjoy a well cooked meal!

Will I be able to get an upgrade?

While being granted with upgrades is a possibility, you can’t really be sure that you would get one especially if you choose the cheapest room in best grandline international. So when you make a reservation don’t really expect such upgrades. Instead when you are checking in don’t be the first to check in because you might end up with room that isn’t the best, neither should you check in too late either because the chances are you would end up in a similar situation. Be nice whenever getting around the hotel staff and if you really must ask for such upgrades only do so when there aren’t other guests present. Chances are you might actually get it!

Can I leave really late?

The checking out times of any hotel, has a schedule that it follows. And most guests are expected to be in par with the said schedule. However, if you do expect to leave late, you should always let the hotel know instead of simply staying back for hours. Doing so would also disrupt their housekeeping schedule too. Usually most hotels would allow an extra half hour or an hour at max and anything more would cost you extra. So do consider this as well!

Don’t you have rooms for special members?

Even though you might have signed up as a part of the loyalty program the hotel is conducting for its customers, in case there is a situation where they are all out of rooms, then you cannot expect to get one simply because you are a part of the said program.

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